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TALES - 2016



Am I right, am I wrong?

Where can I find the truth?


Trains go by, all day long.

I'm trying to find the answers.


I'm sitting here.

Still wondering

Do I have any better than this song?


Time is ticking,

And I'll be watching

People passing by, going back home.




I'm waiting for my train (x2)





Every morning, every night,

Days go back for you all the same.


Behind your screen, you play a game.

The world could collapse, you're not to blame.


And once back home, you turn it on

Too tired to do anything anyway.


Time is ticking, end of the day.

You're all gone and I remain.




I'm waiting for my train (x2)





And I feel lonely.

My mind is tripping.

Flowing like a river.


Every morning, everyday

(I'm waiting for my train)

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